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Dr. Samuel B. Nisbett


Dr. Samuel B. Nisbett is currently teaching ophthalmology as an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba, Canada. He has been recognized as a highly qualified Ophthalmologist for more than ten years. He underwent extensive additional training in numerous ocular procedures including those for glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. In addition, he has over ten years experience in advanced intraocular procedures including cataract extraction.

Dr. Nisbett performed a large number of Laser procedures such as laser refractive eye surgery that has been performing in Winnipeg, Canada for more than four years. He is trained on many types of Excimer Lasers including the VISX 20/20 and the Novatec Lightblade. Dr. Nisbett is presently using the Chiron Technolas 117.

Dr. Nisbett is currently heading the professional eye care team at SAJE Vision Services. He and his highly qualified and well-trained staff have as a goal to provide the best possible vision care for all patients. In order to do that, they use the most current technology, the utmost in personal care, providing patients the latest and more advanced techniques in eye surgery and of course the maximum amount of information. They recommend and perform only the appropriate therapy.

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Suite 814-388 Portage Avenue 
R3C 0C8 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
tel.  (204) 947-EYES (3937)      fax  (204) 956-0630
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